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Company Name Contact Name Phone Member Type  
1960 Anthony Deaver 202-455-5654 Guest Member  
360 Concepts LLC Jack Kirk 720-227-0348 Guest Member  
ACCI - Associated Communication Consultants, Inc. David Stroh 303-692-7787 General Member TAC President
ADI Multiple (click to view) 303-777-1660 Vendor Member  
Advanced Fiber Response, Inc Carol Hall 303-463-6451 General Member  
ADVODA Communications Ron Dunworth 720-227-0340 Vendor Member  
Alden Systems Matthew Hand 205-807-3976 Guest Member  
Alerio Technology Gruop Doug Schmuecker 303-468-2079 Guest Member  
All Telecomm Services, LLC Robert Laureti 720-217-4400 Guest Member  
AllComm Data Supplies, Inc. Dallas Benefiel 303-280-4622 Guest Member  
Anixter Tonya Pixley 303-574-2530 Guest Member  
Atos Christopher Reever 720-301-8925 Guest Member  
AxisInternet George Stoutenburgh Jr. 303-592-2947 Guest Member  
Beacon Communications, LLC. Brad Walsh 303-750-6500 Guest Member  
Bit by Bit Analytics, Ltd Mark White 303-246-4058 General Member TAC Director
BlackSquare Technologies Ray Underell 720-980-9898 Guest Member  
CAI Electronics Gary Christiansen 303-455-0664 Guest Member  
CEWest Clint Haynes 303-414-3841 Guest Member  
Cisco Systems Multiple (click to view) 720-875-2987 Guest Member  
Clearfly Communications Bob Jenkins 406-794-0237 Vendor Member  
Command Performance, Inc. Kris Ditson 303-740-6888 Guest Member  
Communications Marketing Systems Kenneth Lazear 303-667-1838 Guest Member  
Compliance & More, Inc Douglas Barnes 303-663-3396 Guest Member  
D. F. Nibler PC Dan Nibler 303-671-9792 Honorary Member  
Dade Telecommunications, Inc. Darin Delaney 303-953-9244 Guest Member  
Data Comm Electronics Nathan McCoy 928-234-2889 Guest Member  
Datatech Labs, Inc. and Data Destruction Ginger Patrick 303-388-3282 Guest Member  
Designed Communications, Inc. Michael Mark 303-745-4449 General Member  
DexOne Debbie Samuels 303-784-2186 Guest Member  
Diversified Telecom Services, LLC Lisa and Keryl Spiers 303-400-4210 Vendor Member  
Douglas Meares Douglas Meares 720-971-3685 Guest Member  
DSC, llc Bruce DelGrasso 720-506-4832 Guest Member  
DW Services Daniel Whitaker 720-385-4389 Guest Member  
Eagle Eye Telecom John Orr 970-200-2203 Guest Member  
Eagle Information Technology Group Inc. Ron Holzer 303-935-1700 Guest Member  
Edge Telecom Bob DeGraw 303-850-0900 Guest Member  
EnGenius Technologies Dave Markwell 714-432-8668 Vendor Member  
Evolve Technologies Kim Smith 303-543-0470 Guest Member  
Flair Data Systems Inc. F. David Simonds 719-287-5555 Guest Member  
Fones West Digital Systems Mark Felsen 303-316-1000 Guest Member  
Fontel Inc Sam Romagnano 800-238-0787 Vendor Member Christine Taylor 303-815-1827 Guest Member  
Front Range Internet, Inc (FRII) Bill Ward 970-212-0710 Guest Member  
Frontier Computer Corp. Michael Maitland 231-668-9451 Guest Member  
GDL Services Gailyn Lutterman 303-589-0820 Guest Member  
Gibb and Gibb Inc. Paul Gibb 303-652-1173 Guest Member  
GST Group, LLC Richard Gannon 303-929-3171 Guest Member  
Hegdahl Enterprises Mike Hegdahl 303-697-6539 General Member TAC Director
High Country Low Voltage LLC Jonathan Eubank 303-818-7163 Guest Member  
High Speed Telecom, LLC Ken Berta 469-576-1158 Guest Member  
HiTech Sourcing Jackie Knievel 303-670-9609 Guest Member  
Horton Properties, LLC Jeffery Horton 720-205-3815 Associate Member TAC Vice President
Independent Consulting Michael Chitwood, 303-680-6717 Guest Member  
Information Acquisition Systems Scott Wise 303-773-0345 Guest Member  
Integra Telecom Morgan Stewart 720-292-0010 Guest Member  
Integrated Computer Consulting, Inc. (ICC) Kirk Bane 970-419-0602 Guest Member  
Intelligent Systems Marketing- Rocky Mountains Don Stitt 303-904-1888 Guest Member  
IQ Wired Phil Brekke 720-420-4673 Guest Member  
JAB Wireless Skybeam Shaun Anselmo 970-776-8250 Guest Member  
Jtel Jerry Moore 303-870-9010 Guest Member  
KRM Consultants Robert (Bob) Meyer 303-819-6527 Guest Member  
Laurel Barton Laurel Barton 303-825-2728 Guest Member  
Leoch Battery Corp John stanphill 702-296-8145 Guest Member  
Liberty Communications Cyna Milinazzo 720-399-0233 General Member  
Live Wire Networks, Inc Jim Hinsdale 303-458-5667 Guest Member  
Live-Connections - Larry Grimm Larry Grimm 720-441-3289 Guest Member  
Lori DeBane Lori DeBane 720-209-2664 Guest Member  
Market Race, LLC Don Coufal 303-954-4657 Guest Member  
Massive Networks Multiple (click to view) 303-800-1300 Vendor Member  
MaxPower Corportation Echo Winters 800-609-9835 Vendor Member  
MeetingOne Nicolas Perdrillat 720-946-2179 Guest Member  
MHO Networks Michael Kriech 303-584-6584 Guest Member  
Micro Connectors, inc Paul Lane 800-333-2113 Guest Member  
Microtech-Tel Sam Kumar 303-576-5600 Guest Member  
Morrischict Morrischict Morrischict 83214596934- Guest Member  

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