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Please read the below information before submitting an application by mail or online. If you would like a member, director or officer to contact you regarding membership, please email your request and we will arrange for someone to contact you.

Thank you for your interest in the Technology Association that is serving and supporting the need of Technology Companies in Colorado and neighboring states. We are a non-profit group of a broad range of technology companies that includes system resellers, service providers, distributors, manufacturers and other related support companies.

TAC began in 1989 to provide members with education and to promote higher standards of excellence in the Telecommunications Industry, which now has become the Technology Industry. Our current members have a wide base of knowledge in Telephony, Data, Security, Internet, Video, Sound/Paging standards and the infrastructures that enable them.

New members help us strengthen and expand our knowledge base and improve our service and product offerings to our customers as well as expand our ability to partner with other professionals when needed to address the broader expectations our customers.

Our memberships consist of four categories:

Guest Members can be informed of special TAC events. Guest memberships are created online and no TAC board member reviews or processing fees apply (see below). Only paying members can search through Guest Member's products and services. In order for the public to have access to a Guest Member's products and services, you must upgrade to one of the paid memberships.

  • Guest memberships are free.

  • General Members are Reseller Solution Providers serving the end-users. Products and services offered by General Members are made searchable by all members and the public.

  • General member dues are $50.00 annually.

  • Individual Members are individuals who are seeking employment or employed by a company that would either be a General, Associate or Vendor Member. If they are employed, their employer may or may not be a TAC member. Individual Members may serve: on committees; serve as an officer; serve on advisory board. Individual Members cannot vote or serve on the board of directors.

  • Individual member dues are $50.00 annually.

  • Associate Members provide support services, training, product information, etc. to TAC Members. Examples of Associate Members are Consultants, Manufactures who sell through Distribution, Manufacture Reps, Products and Service Used by TAC Members, etc. Products and services offered by Associate Members are made searchable by all members and the public.

  • Associate member dues are $50.00 or $250.00 (promoted sponsors) annually.

  • Vendor Members provide Products and Services which General & Associate Members resell or act as agents on behalf of the Vendor Member. This include telephone companies, distributors, manufactures and manufacturing representatives. Products and services offered by Vendor Members are made searchable by all members and the public.

  • Basic $50 annual dues vendor member has all membership and voting rights as well as access all membership information.

  • Sponsor $250 annual dues vendor has all the same benefits and access as Basic member. In addition they are listed on TAC's web page a sponsor member with display of their logo and a link they wish to provide to further promote their product and services.

  • All newly accepted applicants (excluding Guest Members) are subject to an initial $50.00 application fee, plus the annual fee associated with their membership category.

    Application fee and appropriate prorated annual dues are due upon submission of application. New applicants will be listed on the TAC website within 10 to 15 days following submission of both application and payment to allow voting members an opportunity to confirm applicants are credible professional peers within the technology industry and related services.

    Once you have submitted an application, you should expect to be contacted by an officer or designated director of TAC, who will confirm receipt of your application and answer any additional questions you might have. If for any reason you need to contact our President or a Director, please email us at

    Note, we appreciate payment of fees and dues on line via which is linked to the applications process. However, if you need to pay by check and or require an invoice, please send check to our contact address listed in this site. If you require an invoice, please email request to Before requesting an invoice, please complete the application for membership as a confirmation agreeing to arrange payment of invoice upon receipt. To initiate application process, please acknowledge:

    I have read the above information with membership. I understand and agree to the terms by which my application is to be submitted and wish to continue to the online application page.

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